Recommended Books for UPSC Civil Services Exams

Recommended Book Lists

In this article, We provide you the partial list of the Best books to be read for the UPSC Exam Preparation,

a) Deliberation Program

1. Classroom Materials


1. CSAT- 2 Manuals by TATA MCGRAW HILL

2. Analytical Reasoning – M.K. PANDEY

3. Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning – R.S.Agarwal

c) General Studies

General Studies Books List

d) Optional Subject - History

1. An advanced History of Ancient India by R.C Majumdar,H.C.Raychaudhuri, Kalikunkar Datta

2. Ashoka and the decline of the Mauryas by Romila Thapar

3. The wonder that was India by A.L Basham

4. Medieval India – The study of a civilization by Irfan Habib

5. Medieval India – From Sultanate to Mughals - Vol-1 & Vol-2 by Satish Chandra

6. From Plassey to partition and After a history of Modern India By Sekhar Bandyopadhay

7. India’s Struggle for Independence: Bipin Chandra and others

8. India since Independence: Bipin Chandra

9. Old NCERT: Ancient, Medieval, Modern India

10. Mastering the Modern World History: Norman Lowe

11. Ensemble: History through Maps

e) Optional Subject - Anthropology

1. Study Materials of M.R.SREEDHAR

2. Anthropology Theories: theories

3. Physical Anthropology: P Nath (selected topics)

4. Fossil Evidence: S Das (selected topics)

5. Social Anthropology: DN Majumdar& TN Madan

6. Indian Anthropology: Nadeen Hasnain